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New for 2016
5 Inch Scale Nativity Sets
7.5 Inch Scale

Fontanini® figures for 2016! Click here to see the rest of the New Figures, Buildings, Stables, and Accessories for 2016!

New 5 Inch Scale
New 7.5 Inch Scale
New 12 Inch Scale
New Ornaments and Giftware
A Customer Favorite!
This 5 Inch Scale 6 Piece Fontanini® lighted set that includes the stable is a a best seller!

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is rated so highly...

The Fontanini® 5 Inch scale size
Nativities have a wide selection of stables, sets, figures, accessories, and much more! Click on the links below to see all the different items you can add to your own set!
Need to know more about what scale size mean? Click here!
Below are the 5 Inch scale size sections.

Nativity Sets New for 2016
Nativity Stables King Servants
Holy Family Musicians
Kings -Wiseman Landscape
Shepherds Accessories
Angels Tradespeople
Villagers Buildings
Animals Easter
Fontanini 7.5 Inch Scale Nativity Sets and Figures

The 7.5 Inch Fontanini® Scale size is becoming more popular over the last few years. Homes are getting bigger which allows those to get larger sets. The 5 Inch scale size is the most popular size, but the 7.5 inch scale size is starting to catch up!

Below are the 7.5 Inch scale size sections.

Nativity Sets Shepherds
Nativity Stables Buildings
Holy Family Accessories
Kings - Wiseman New for 2016
Villagers Angels

3.5 Inch Scale 12 Inch Scale 18 Inch Scale

The Fontanini® 3.5 Inch Scale selection is our newest size that we offer. The 3.5 Inch was introduced 3 years ago, and it's been growing in selection at a feverish pace!
If you have a hutch, mantel or, a small space you want to add a nativity to, this size would be a great choice!

Below are the 3.5 Inch scale size sections.

Nativity Sets Figures
Nativity Stables Animals

The Fontanini® 12 Inch Scale size selections are simply amazing! This size is best used for a church, a retirement home or, if you have a large home, we would highly suggest this size!

Below are the 12 Inch scale size sections.

Nativity Sets Holy Family
Nativity Stables Kings - Wiseman
Villagers Animals
Angels New for 2016
18 Inch Scale Holy Family

The Fontanini® 18 Inch Scale size selections have a great deal of detail in the figures themselves. This size is best used for a church, a retirement home or, a large institutional facility such as a hospital.
Any of the sizes can be used as you see fit as long as you have the room. Please call us if you have any question you may have!

Below are the 18 Inch scale size sections.

Figures Holy Family
Animals Kings - Wiseman